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WB Spotlight

picture of teacher

Mrs. Nicole McCullough will be the fifth member of the Kindergarten team. Her experience in both PreK and first grade will be valuable to her team in this new role.

- Mrs. McCullough

picture of teacher

Mrs. Beth Rujawitz brings experience teaching Kindergarten and first grade to Wolf Branch Elementary. She has joined the first grade teacher team and is excited to be teaching at the same school both of her boys attend.

- Mrs. Rujawitz

picture of teacher

Mrs. Julie Madden begins her third year teaching Kindergarten, first, and second grade special education at Wolf Branch Elementary. Mrs. Madden recently moved from Washington with her husband and two children.

- Mrs. Madden

picture of teacher

Mrs. Rosborg will be teaching 5th grade science and math this year! Mrs. Rosborg has taught 8 years in northern Illinois. She is a parent in the district, and we were fortunate enough to have her on our team last year as a sub.

- Mrs. Rosborg

picture of teacher

Ms. Kaitlyn Polacek will be joining our team and teaching 6th and 7th grade social studies. Ms. Polacek will be starting her second year as a teacher and sharing her love of social studies with students.

- Ms. Polacek

picture of teacher

Mr. Koty Whitaker will be joining our WB team as the 6th and 7th grade science teacher. Mr. Whitaker did his student teaching here at Wolf Branch with Mr. Knolhoff. He will be starting his 4th year teaching science.

- Mr. Whitaker

picture of teacher

Ms. Zoe Guilford will be joining our team teaching 7th and 8th grade social studies. She is a former Wolf Branch alumni and is excited to be taking her former teacher's (Mrs. Posey) role.

- Ms. Guilford