Preschool and ALL New Students Registering in the district, please click here.

Currently Enrolled Students, please click here.

Registration Requirements, please click here.

Medical Requirements, please click here.



There are different registration processes for new students and current students. Please follow the appropriate section for the instructions. 



  1. Click HERE to complete the preregistration screens

  2. Send residency requirements into school office either by email or fax

- PreK-4th grade students, please send to Candice:

- 5th-8th grade students, please send to Machell:

- Fax Number for both schools: 618-277-9786

  1. Watch your email for approval letter or an email from school secretary requiring additional information

  2. Finish on-line registration by proceeding to STEP 2


  1. Click the link provided in your email to create a Teacherease password

  2. Select “RETURNING Student Registration” and check the box next to your student’s name

  3. Read the Parent/Student Handbook

  4. Fill out the registration forms

  5. Print off any other pertinent information/forms

STEP 3: Email or fax “other” required documentation to the school’s office. (Required Documentation to complete registration - Residency paperwork, health paperwork, and fee schedule are on our website and on the online registration portal.)

School Contacts:

PreK-4th Candice:

5th-8th grade Machell:

School Fax: 618-277-9786

STEP 4: Be sure you have included residency paperwork, required health paperwork, and paid fees (enclosed check or pay online).

Once you complete the registration, you will have the option to pay with a credit card.

(Please note there is a 2.9% transaction fee, plus a .30 fee per transaction to pay online.)

PLEASE NOTE: Wolf Branch reserves the right to request updated residency verification at any time. Affidavit situations require additional paperwork and are handled on a case by case basis. PLEASE contact the school office for information on affidavits.


Step 1: Log into your Teacher Easeparent account!

Log on at

You should be prompted to register your new and returning students upon login. If not, please click on the menu option Miscellaneous then on Online Registration.

It will automatically show you your current students and have you register them as returning.

Fill out the registration screens.

Print off any other forms that pertain to your student(s) from this Wolf Branch Parent Symbaloo Page:

Step 2: Mail, email, fax, or place your residency and other required forms in the dropbox outside the school office. (Residency requirements are below and on the online registration portal.)

Fax to 618-277-9786

Three proofs of residency and payment of fees are required at the time of registration.

Guidelines for residency verification are as follows:

(One from each category is required)

  • First Form: A photo ID with current address in the district

  • Second Form: One current utility bill (water, sewer, gas, or electric)

  • The third Form is one of the following: Current Property Tax Bill or Property Home Insurance or Lease Agreement, current voter's registration card with an address in the district, Lease with last month's rent receipt, or current public aid card with current address in the district.

Step 3: Pay online, mail your check, or place in dropbox with residency

Once you complete the registration, you will have the option to pay with a credit card.

(Please note there is a 2.987% + $0.31 transaction fee to pay online per transaction.)


K-8th Resource Fee per student $120

Band (4th) per student - $15

Flutophone (3rd) - $8

BASIC Registration Information Packet can be found on the Parent Symbaloo Page: