Girls Volleyball



2019 Whiteside Jamboree Champs


2020 Whiteside Jamboree Champs

We have two teams: 7th grade( "B" team), and 8th grade (Varsity team). Any 5th-8th grader may tryout and we have 20 members between the combined teams. We usually practice together every non-game day Monday-Friday. Our season begins in the middle of January and lasts through the middle of March. Season highlights are the Whiteside Jamboree, O'Fallon, Feeder and SIJHSAA tournaments.

2023 Roster

8th GRADE TEAM: J. Altmansberger, M. Benyr, B. Burton, I. Chao, E. Dulski, S. Hodapp, A. Koontz, E. Koontz, Addie Kramkowki, K. Padgett, A. Sarginson

7th GRADE TEAM: R. Bleich, P. Bolling, I. Chao, M. Chao, H. Coates, D. Johnson, E. Koontz, Avery Kramkowski, K. Padgett, K. Phillips - Dancy, C. Rosburg, M. Shirley, J. Wren

2023 Girls Volleyball Schedule

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Natalie Ogden

Girls Volleyball Coach