PTC Events & Activites

Wolf Branch's Annual PTC Auction

This is an annual event put on by the PTC. It includes an evening of live and silent auctions, and more. We celebrate our Wolf Branch Community and raise money towards their continued dedication to our children’s academic success! Not only will our fundraising benefit our extra-curricular programs and technology needs, but we will also be allocating funds towards new and improved playground facilities for our children! Your support and attendance is greatly appreciated and vital to the success of achieving our goals!!


This event is a great evening for both elementary and middle school families in Late September. Wolf Branch holds a carnival with rides, games and food outdoors (whenever possible) at Wolf Branch. Last year's event included Food Trucks where you could choose from some awesome selections of unique food. The entire event is run by parent volunteers. Prior to the event, parents are asked to sign up to work a game or prize booth for an hour. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of your child's classmates and many Wolf Branch teachers also attend. Several Wolf Branch groups set up activities as well, such as drama club, athletics, band, cheerleading, and the robotics club.


Pumpkin Day takes place during a school day in October. Order forms are sent home and your child can order a pumpkin and then go out to the Wolf Branch Pumpkin Patch in front of the school and select their pumpkin at their designated class time. Cookies and juice are served to the children as well. The Pumpkin patch is set up by parent volunteers and parents are asked to come to help out during the event. This is always a great fall photo opportunity! (Elementary School Only Event)


This is an opportunity for your child to Christmas Shop all by themselves in Wolf Branch's own Santa's Cottage Store. An envelope is sent home for the child to list relatives he or she would like to shop for and they are then assisted by parent volunteers in choosing their special gifts. Gifts range in price from approximately $1.00 -$10.00. Parent volunteers also wrap the gifts. This event takes place during school hours.


Certain Fridays throughout the year are Wolf Branch Fun Spot Skate nights when the Fun Spot Skate Rink is open exclusively to Wolf Branch students. They run from 5 pm to 7 pm. Watch for fliers with snack bar discounts in your student's backpack!


PTC parents host two class parties throughout the school year. These parties take place in October and December. At registration, PTC collects class party fees of $10.00 from elementary students. These fees cover expenses for all two parties. Each classroom's headroom parent then organizes parent volunteers to host and run the parties.


Held in April, this exciting new event brings the children, families, and staff together for a fun day of exercise with a splash of color. A 5K running/walking course is set-up at the schools and neighborhoods surrounding Wolf Branch. Swansea police and fire personnel help with creating a safe and secure course. Color is sprayed at Color Stations along the course as well as a grand finale at the Middle School where food, drink, and fun are available for everyone. Parent volunteers organize and participate in all aspects of this event.


Every May on Flower Day, Wolf Branch students are asked to bring in a flower to plant in front of the school. Each class comes out and, with the help of parent volunteers, plants their flowers. The entrances of both schools are a riot of spring colors and the children love digging in the dirt!