Vision Statement

The Wolf Branch School District, in active partnership with parents and the community, will promote excellence in a respectful and caring environment in which all students learn and grow. This partnership shall empower all students to develop strong self-esteem and to become engaged learners, informed decision-makers, and responsible, considerate, contributing citizens in an ever-changing society.

Mission Statement

The Wolf Branch Board of Education emphasizes that students and their development are the focus of attention in all educational endeavors of the district.

To fulfill this mission, the Board believes the following objectives must be achieved:

  1. The Board will provide safe, healthy and attractive facilities that are conducive for the achievement of a quality education.
  2. The Board, in conjunction with the Administration, will provide fiscal oversight to ensure that district resources are being utilized in a responsible manner that allows for the procurement of a highly qualified faculty and staff, as well as proper materials and resources.
  3. The Board is dedicated to the improvement of the educational process by promoting professional development for the faculty and staff, and values constructive input.
  4. The Board is dedicated to the students’ development of ability in the following educational goals:
  5. Master the educational standards developed by the federal and state agencies.
  6. Develop a positive attitude toward learning.
  7. Develop good character and moral integrity.
  8. Develop an awareness of personal rights and responsibilities as well as those of others.
  9. Cope with ever-changing conditions.
  10. Develop respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.
  11. Become a productive citizen by understanding the importance of service to society.
  12. Become familiar with the global opportunities that await them.

Wolf Branch Student Code of Ethics

I will respect the rights of other people at all times.

I will strive to maintain an open mind toward people.

I will be sportsmanlike as a participant or spectator.

I will be clean in person, thought, speech and behavior.

I will obey all safety rules for other people and myself.

I will give all authority due respect.

I will always be courteous to everyone.

I will put school work before other activities.

I will be honest at all times.