Sports Boosters

wolverine athletics

Thank you very much for supporting Wolf Branch School District 113 Sports Boosters Club, a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization (EIN 47-4993646).

Our Mission

The Sports Booster Club works in support of the athletic program at Wolf Branch School. Its' mission is to provide financial support toward the development of Wolf Branch Athletes. In only a few short years the Sports Boosters have supplied uniforms for nearly all WB sports teams, constructed dugouts for the softball and baseball fields, funded the addition of scoreboards for the soccer, baseball, and softball fields and purchased a net system and ball cart for the volleyball teams. There is still much to do and parent support is key to the Sports Boosters continued success and development of the athletic program at Wolf Branch School.

Contact us at:wbsportsboosters@wbsd113.org or Check us out on Facebook: Wolf Branch Sports Boosters - if you are on Facebook, we encourage you to join this public group so that you can share & receive important reminders and information related to the booster club.

Fiscal year: June 1st - May 31st

2019-20 School Year Meeting Schedule
Date Time Location Notes
Wednesday, August 21st 7:30 PM Zapata's
September N/A N/A Not meeting this month
Tuesday, October 1st 6:30 PM Zapata's
November 7 PM Zapata's Not meeting this month
Thursday December 5th 8 PM Zapata's
January 7 PM Zapata's Not meeting this month
February 7 PM Zapata's Date TBD (Feb 7th is Daddy/Daugher Dance)
March 7 PM Zapata's Date TBD
April 7 PM Zapata's Date TBD
May 7 PM Zapata's Elect 2020-21 Executive Board
2019-20 Sports Booster Executive Board Members
Position Name Email
President Carol Tyler ctyler2015@gmail.com
Vice President Kim Enriquez kenriquez07@gmail.com
Secretary Cindy Hodapp csteinhodapp@yahoo.com
Treasurer Cori Stanzyck coristanczyk@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator Julie Haake juliehaake2@gmail.com
Concessions Chair Nicki Simpson nickisimpson@msn.com
Logo Wear Co-Chair Katie Kramkowski katiekramkowski@gmail.com
Logo Wear Co-Chair Kelly Rose kcrose13@yahoo.com
Special Events Chair Kelly Rose kcrose13@yahoo.com